Corporate Profile

Group of Companies

Currently, the organizational structure and subsidiaries (Corporate Group) as of 31 December 2016 are as the following;

JKN Channel Co., Ltd.

It is the TVs Station broadcasting through CabSat and IPTV system under channel called "JKN Dramax enjoy every day for everyone" by getting advertising fees and Media Sales as its revenue. Currently our channel has got the highest rating in Entertainment Variety, rated by AGB Nielsen.

JKN News Co., Ltd.

Now, we have been being trained by our partner from U.S., NBC Universal, in order to start TV news channel "CNBC Thailand" in 2019 and expect to be the number one of economics news channel of Thailand.

JKN IMC Co., Ltd.

We have been doing research to develop our business as (360 IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication distributor)

JKN Knowledge Co., Ltd.

JKN Knowledge Company Limited is a company which have been being trained by personal institutes or group of people/corporate institutes.