Message from the Chairman

Admiral Apichat Phengsrithong

Chairman of the Board of Director

JKN Global Media Public Company Limited is the company who focuses on content distribution and management by importing content from around the world to the sights of Thai audiences.

The company foresees whatever technology will grow rapidly but without good content, all of the communication devices are useless.

From the long-term experiences of the managements, we can predict that JKN Global Media Public Company Limited will grow and expand rapidly due to the selection of great content from around the world. Those contents are useful and entertaining as if they are the brain food for all consumers. Besides being content distributer and content management, JKN positions itself to be content producer who produces the best content from Thailand to the global’s sights. The clear mission and vision of JKN plus experiences of the management team, lead JKN to be a professional in their work. JKN Global Media focuses on the best quality of work and be faithful in doing business with their business partners.

Pacing to public company, has made all managements and the company’s staffs to be more professional and focus in producing good quality works to public as well as to preserve the standard of being a “Master of Content” forever.