Head Office

JKN Global Media Public Company Limited

JKN Gallery Salaya 45/14 M.1, Songkanong Sub-District, Sam Pran District, Nakhon Pathom, 73210

+66 3431 0569
Company Map
Content Sale:
Contact Peson: Pawinee Burarat
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext.47 Mobile 09-82687469
Content International Sale:
Contact Peson: Banpot Chawangong
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 20
Media Advertise:
Contact Peson: Kanittha Thiensawang
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 37
Marketing Department and Fanclub Management:
Contact Peson: Siriporn Muadpho
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 43
Human Resouces Department and Work with us:
Contact Peson: Duangduan Jaioon
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 23 Mobile 065-2329898
Legal and Business Affairs Department:
Contact Peson: Waranya Sirisombat
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 19
Investor Relations:
Contact Peson: Warisnalin Suphasanan
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 20
JKN Dramax:
Contact Peson: Mongkon Sangyok
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 48
Contact Peson: Paranan Rattanathasaniya
Tel: 034-310567-576 Ext. 0

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