Corporate Profile

Vision & Mission


To be the Number 1 global content management and distribution company in Thailand and CLMV countries.


To be the Number 1

global content import of Thailand and CLMV countries.

To be the Number 1

global content export of Thailand.

To be the Number 1

inspiration creator as “Windows of the World” for Thai people all over the country.

Corporate Expertises

Expertise and outstanding performances of the company and its subsidiary companies

Content Management

Our company is expert in communicating with world-class contents manufacturer such as, Factual Entertainment, Fiction Entertainment, Asian Fiction, Animation and News.

The Company has divided all contents for distribution by providing. Supplying and managing contents from around the world.

Content Distribution

It is global contents distribution. JKN Global Media ( Public ) Co., Ltd. Is an expert in contents production and distribution to all media agencies in 7 platforms as below;

Content Broadcast

JKN Channel Co., Ltd. Is the owner of Cable and Satellite TV Channel “ JKN Dramax ”, which has got the highest rating in Entertainment Variety, rated by AGM Nielsen. The Components of its content are as below;

1.Asian Fantasy 2. Hollywood Hit 3. Super Show

In this case, JKN IMC Co., Ltd. Is responsible in selling advertising duration of JKN Dramax channel which is advantaged by integrated marketing communication.

Content Creation

JKN Global Media ( Public ) Co., Ltd. Is an expert in an expert in a huge documentary film production from Thailand by publishing content audience world-wide.

Also there is collaboration between JKN and world class companies; such as, National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery Channel from USA under the concept “The Pride of Thai Excellence”

Furthermore, JKN News Co., Ltd. Has been assigned to produce news show and 24 hours news channel, “JKN CNBC”

Content Education

JKN Knowledge Co., Ltd. Is an expert as financial, investment, entrepreneurship, and leadership training institution under the brand “CNBC Thailand” Not only that, we also plan to set up “The Ultimate Leadership Award” annually to show that we are the top personal training institute and help stimulate economic expansion of Thailand.