JKN Tops Its Budget for Purchasing Contents Up to ฿1Bn, Targeting LATAM Audiences Next!

JKN Global Media Public Company Limited (JKN) raised its investment budget for purchasing international contents to 1,000 million baht, expecting a continuous growth in the market.


Mr. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer of JKN, stated that the company has increased investment budget for purchasing international content from 800 million baht to 1,000 million baht after seeing a potential growth for the content-right markets in domestic and international, especially in 2Q20. The company expected continuous growth when compared to the same period of last year.


The increase in budget was due to higher demand from TV operators such as Channel 8Channel 3WorkpointTrue4U and GMM25 as readymade contents have a lower cost than making their own contents.

Meanwhile, JKN succeeded in selling content from Channel 3 to MediaCorp Pte Ltd in Singapore as well as other content to Malaysia and Brunei for a total of five contents (180 hours). The company is currently planning to expand its business to the Latin America audience, which is expected to have a positive response.

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